Our proud history


A multi-awarded Group

Recognised as one of the best banks in France and awarded “The Best French Bank Group” by World Finance, Global Finance and The Banker, CIC Group continues to be one of the leading banks in France, ranking amongst the most stable and safest eurozone banks in terms of CET1 Ratio.


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French Bank of the Year

French Bank of the Year

Crédit Mutuel is named ‘French Bank of the Year’ by The Banker.

Merger and Innovation

Merger and Innovation

Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe finalized the merger between it Belgian subsidiaries Beobank and BKCP Bank.

Watson, an innovative cognitive technology to support relation with clients.


GE Acquisitions

BFCM completes its acquisition of General Electric’s leasing and factoring businesses in France & Germany, operating under the ‘Targo Commercial Finance’ name in Germany and under the names ‘ CIC leasing Solutions’ and ‘Factofrance’ in France.


Hong Kong Licence

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority grants a banking licence to CIC marking the bank’s expansion and growth in Asia.


Network in Spain

CIC enters a joint venture partnership with Banco Popular Español S.A. With the aim of operating a network in Spain of almost 2,400 ATMs by the end of 2015, raising the profile of its Spanish subsidiary, Targobank, and visibility of CIC internationally.


Expanding Consumer Finance

BFCM acquires a majority stake in Cofidis Participations, expanding CIC’s consumer finance business in France and strengthening its international footprint.



CIC acquires the consumer banking operations of Citibank in Germany and rebrands it Targo Bank. In April 2009, CIC acquires the Spanish Bank, Banco Popular’s network in France and renames it CIC Iberbanco.


Acquisition by Crédit Mutuel

Crédit Mutuel acquires CIC and creates the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale. The bank is now a public company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, with more than 97% of shares controlled by Crédit Mutuel Group.



The French government privatises the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale in an over-the-counter procedure that continues into 1997.


Structured Finance

The establishment of the Structured Finance (starting with Project Finance) business line specialising in providing long-term support to clients, best-in-class financing solutions, and expert risk management advice.


Corporate Finance

CIC Singapore began its corporate financing activities in the Asia Pacific region, adopting a client-centric business model that provides customised and innovative solutions to meet clients’ financing and investment needs. 

Singapore Presence

Singapore Presence

The Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale expands to Asia Pacific with the establishment of the Singapore branch.



CIC along with nine regional banks are nationalised. This leads to the creation of a holding company for the group and the introduction of a new shareholder, The Groupe des Assurances Nationales (G.A.N.).



CIC and its regional banks undergo a period of expansion. In 1968, the Suez-Union des Mines group takes control of CIC.



CIC takes equity stakes in regional banks: Banque Dupont, Banque Scalbert, Crédit Havrais, Crédit de l’Ouest, etc. In 1929, Union des Banques Régionales pour le Crédit Industriel (UBR) is created, unifying 18 regional and local banks. CIC founds Société de Secours Mutuels in the same year.


A Financial Cooperative

Crédit Mutuel is founded as a credit union “a la Francaise”. As a member-owned financial cooperative its purpose is to promote thrift, offer credit at competitive rates and provide comprehensive financial services to its clients.


The Origins

An enterprising group of bankers and entrepreneurs from Basel establish the Banque d’Alsace et de Lorraine (BAL) in Strasbourg. In 1909 the first banking counter opens in Basel and BAL since establishes itself as a universal bank with eight locations in all Swiss language regions. In 2008 it is renamed Bank CIC (Switzerland) Ltd.


Imperial Decree

Société Générale de Crédit Industriel et Commercial is founded on May 7 by imperial decree of Napoléon III.