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Banque Privée

The CIC Group has set up its private banking service- Banque Privée in French -that offers high-level advice to business owners, senior management, professionals and high-net-worth individuals.

While our roots are in Europe, CIC Banque Privée now serves clients around the world and offers broad expertise in many sectors. With a unified organization and a well-adapted portfolio of products and services, together with strong capabilities in private asset management, CIC Banque Privée is centred around working closely with clients. The primary point of contact with the client is the private banking unit and, above all, the relationship manager.

The success of CIC Banque Privée arises from our passion to excel. Our colleagues in this sector have mastered the many skills required to manage wealth effectively -such as financial engineering, management of assets and real estate, as well as lending and guarantee techniques, investment banking, and the skilful deployment of external partners.

In short, we aim to distinguish ourselves through the relevance of our advice and the power of our creativity in exceeding our clients' expectations. We serve clients not for years, but for generations.